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Administrative citations replace low-level CUPD tickets

Students who used to receive University of Colorado Police Department (CUPD) tickets for lower-level offenses or first-time infractions may now receive administrative citations which make it easier for students to make amends, save them a trip to court and save them money.

CUPD officers and residential service officials (RSOs) began the administrative citations program in May. Infractions eligible to receive the new administrative citation include minor in possession of drugs or alcohol, fake identification, unlawful conduct on public property, consumption of alcohol in public and other nonviolent or first-time offenses. Some minor traffic offenses are included as well.

After receiving non-traffic administrative citations, students will be referred to the CU Boulder Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution (SCCR) for completion of a student conduct process, including possible participation in restorative justice programs or substance abuse programs. Administrative citations carry half the fine of a criminal citation.

Learn more here.

Applications open for GPSG Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) is committed to recognizing the work done by the graduate and professional BIPOC student community in antiracist community engagement, activism and involvement at CU Boulder. Therefore, GPSG will award the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award to graduate and professional students each semester in recognition of their work. The purpose of this award is to encourage student activism in the areas of DEI which benefits the CU Boulder community. 

For the fall 2021 semester, submissions related to Cultural Diversity / Diversity in the classroom / Racial justice are encouraged. However, submissions that do not fall under these themes will also be welcome.

The application will be open through Oct. 15.

Contact diversity.gpsg@colorado.edu with questions about the award.

Join study on social anxiety

Hello world

We are seeking socially anxious individuals to participate in a study of factors that contribute to social anxiety, as well as the impact of expressive writing about social anxiety-provoking experiences. The study includes a 1½–2 hour initial visit (completed in-person or online) and a 30-minute follow-up survey (completed online).

You will be paid up to $45 for your time, with payments made in Amazon or Visa gift cards.

You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are socially anxious

See if you qualify by completing a brief, anonymous screening survey, or email margaret.tobias@colorado.edu for more information.

This research study has been approved by the CU Boulder Institutional Review Board (Protocol #20-0370).

Instructors: Submit spring book, course material information today

Instructors have received ongoing email communications requesting book and course materials information for spring 2022 courses. As a reminder, campus policy states that departments are required to identify what books and other course materials are required (or if a course will have no required materials) for their classes by the day of registration.

Course material information is critical to provide financial transparency to our students during course registration and to help them plan ahead. It is also needed in order for the university to maintain Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEA) and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance (Disability Services needs sufficient lead time to gain access to and prepare books and materials in suitable alternative formats for students who need them).

Instructors who are not requiring specific books or course materials for a course (and departments with unassigned courses that won’t have required materials) or courses that will utilize Open Education Resources (OER), still need to notify the CU Book Store of that fact as soon as possible.

The book store has designated a staff member to facilitate any faculty needs around this. His name is Ryan Windle, and his contact information is:


Thank you for your prompt attention to this faculty responsibility.

Student Affairs welcomes applications for associate vice chancellor position

The associate vice chancellor (AVC) supervising transitions and academic partnerships reports to, and partners with, the vice chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA) to develop the vision, direction, and actualization of a comprehensive co-curricular experience for all students that aligns with the strategic imperatives of the campus and strategic plans within the division.

Learn more and apply.

Tips for making friends and finding your fit on campus

Mental health is...connection

While it may feel challenging, finding meaningful connections is important for our mental health. Socializing with our peers, mentors, friends, family and community can improve a number of areas of mental health. In fact, those who are closely connected to their friends and family tend to have lower rates of depression and suicide (including suicidal thoughts), higher self-esteem, more empathy and more trust in others. Additionally, feeling connected gives us a sense of belonging, support and purpose throughout our lives. 

Get tips to help you make meaningful connections now, throughout college and into the future. Read more.

Propose a course for the CU Space Minor

Space Minor

The Space Minor committee, made up of faculty from across campus, has been working on developing the minor since September 2015. Many courses have been developed to explore various areas of studies and how they relate to space. Check out previously developed courses and all the ways students can get involved and learn more about space-related topics.

The committee is inviting faculty and staff to propose course ideas that support CU Boulder's Space Minor to be selected for eventual funding and development.

The Space Minor is open to any undergraduate student on campus. It consists of one required course, Pathway to Space, and four electives from an approved list which can be found on the Space Minor website. The program is intended to broaden student perspectives on how space and space-related subjects can impact both individuals and society and guide skilled professionals to careers in space policy, history, communication, science, engineering and even space themes in film and media.

Submitting a course proposal

Funding is available to see a variety of faculty and staff proposals developed into new courses for the Space Minor. For full consideration, proposals should be submitted online by Thursday, Sept 30. The form only takes five minutes to complete. Then, over the semester, the Space Minor Committee will review and select the qualified proposals for funding.

If you have suggestions for the committee to consider or questions about the Space Minor or course proposal form email spaceminor@colorado.edu.

Are you interested in earth systems and environmental science careers?


Do you identify as a woman, and are you interested in the earth systems and environmental sciences? The earth systems and environmental sciences include topics such as the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, geology, energy, air quality, climate, water and natural resource management, and natural disaster forecasting. Are you interested in participating in a successful national scale mentorship program?

If so, then we would like to invite you to begin participation in this program with a one-day virtual professional development workshop. The workshop will be held on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.  

The workshop is part of a study to identify ways to support everyone’s interest in earth systems and environmental science careers through the National Science Foundation funded PROGRESS (PROmoting Geoscience Research Education and SuccesS) professional development and mentoring program.

If you are interested in participating in this single-day workshop and being paired with a mentor, please complete a brief online application (< 5 minutes to complete).
As part of the study, we will ask you to complete follow-up surveys about your experiences and interests at a later time (one before and one after the workshop). For questions, please email us at progressgeoscience@gmail.com.

Please note: Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw your participation at any time. In addition, the information you provide is treated as confidential; no identifying information will be connected with your answers. Please be also aware that your course instructors and advisors are not involved in this workshop study, and will not know whether you participate or not. Therefore, your decision to participate in the study will have no bearing on your course grades or experiences.

UMC hiring security guards, office assistant, more

Work in the heart of campus!

The UMC is the heart of campus, hosting 10,000-plus visitors a day and 16,000 events each year. As one of the most active spots on campus, the UMC gives CU students exceptional leadership and job experience. We offer a competitive salary, flexible hours, professional and personal development opportunities and a true team spirit!

The UMC is currently hiring for a number of positions, including:

  • Cashiers and a graduate assistant at The Connection
  • Events Planning & Catering intern
  • Business office assistant
  • Security guards
  • Set-up crew
  • Audio/visual tech

To learn more about available positions and to apply, visit the UMC Student Jobs webpage.