Did you try to buy or sell Taylor Swift tickets for the US Eras Tour?

The Leeds School of Business has launched a nationwide survey to help understand the motivations and attitudes of people who bought, sold or attempted to buy tickets to any of Taylor Swift’s concerts during the Eras Tour in the U.S.

This comprehensive study is the first of its kind, targeting a wide and diverse demographic to help uncover critical insights into the perceptions and experiences of fans and the general public when attempting to attend a concert by Taylor Swift in the U.S. This new and original survey will collect empirical data about the public’s perceptions of Taylor Swift as a dominant cultural symbol in the U.S. while helping to uncover the experiences of Taylor Swift fans—or Swifties—in accessing tickets to one of the most popular music tours in history.

The study is conducted by Joshua S. Nunziato from the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Division of the Leeds School of Business in collaboration with Carlos Chirinos—assistant professor of music business at New York University's Steinhardt School of Music, director of the NYU Music and Social Change Lab, and Dr. Morgan M. Bryant Assistant Professor at the Haub School of Business at St. Joseph’s University.

According to Chirinos, “This survey is a first attempt to understand the personal motivations and experiences that music fans have when attempting to acquire tickets to their favorite concerts. It will provide insights and help understand Taylor Swift’s superfans as well as the market for concert tickets in the U.S.”

Participants in the survey will be asked to provide information about their own experience buying and/or selling concert tickets as well as questions about their sense of belonging to Taylor Swift’s fan community. Respondents must be over 18 years old and have bought/sold or tried to buy tickets in the United States only. However, the survey will not require submission of any personal contact details.

The researchers invite all eligible individuals to participate. For more information on the survey and how to participate, please visit taylorswiftsurvey.com.