Roth or traditional? Learn more about Roth contributions with TIAA and CU Employee Services

Should you pay taxes on your retirement funds now, or after you retire? Learn about Roth contributions with TIAA.

It’s tempting to put things off—washing dishes, calling the cable company, paying taxes—but retirement planning is something you shouldn’t put off. One important consideration in retirement planning is whether to pay taxes up front on retirement savings—and withdraw those savings tax-free in retirement—or save untaxed money now and pay taxes later on your retirement distributions.

The University of Colorado offers both ways to save for retirement—traditional and Roth contributions. Join Ivana Stanisic, a senior financial consultant with TIAA, to learn more about the Roth savings option and get your questions answered. You'll learn:

  • What is the after-tax Roth contribution option
  • Why the after-tax Roth contribution option may be right for you
  • How the after-tax Roth contributions compare to pretax contributions
  • How to make after-tax Roth contributions in the CU 403(b) Voluntary Plan

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Thursday, Jan. 27
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