Reminder: Deadline Sept. 18 for Boulder Faculty Assembly nominations

It is time for the Boulder Faculty Assembly standing committee election. This is an important opportunity for you, as a Faculty Senate member, to participate in the faculty governance process at CU. The BFA Nominations and Elections Committee is requesting nominations for the following BFA committee seats. All terms are for three years.

BFA standing committee seats up for election by affiliation

Committee seats available in Arts and Sciences and other units:

  • Academic Affairs: 1 (Arts and Sciences); 3 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Administrator Appraisal: 2 (Arts and Sciences); 2 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Admin. Services and Technology: 1 (Arts and Sciences); 1 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Diversity: 1 (Arts and Sciences); 2 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Faculty Affairs: 1 (Arts and Sciences); 1 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs (can be Arts and Sciences or non-A&S): 4
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: 1 (Arts and Sciences); 2 (other units/non-A&S)
  • Student Affairs: 0 (Arts and Sciences); 1 (other units/non-A&S)

Seats on the BFA Libraries Committee are by academic and unit area:

  • Libraries, Law School: 1
  • Libraries, Social Sciences: 2
  • Libraries, Natural Sciences: 3
  • Libraries, School of Education: 1
  • Libraries, Library: 1

Get information on committee charges, composition and more.

Please nominate yourself and/or your colleagues. Nominees and nominators must be members of the Boulder Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate includes all members of the general faculty with the following titles whose appointments are fifty percent or more:

  • Professor
  • Associate professor
  • Assistant professor
  • Senior instructor
  • Instructor
  • Scholar in residence
  • Artist in residence
  • Adjoint, attendant, clinical and research faculty

Nomination email packets should include:

  • Nominee’s affiliation (A&S, other units), home department/unit and contact details
  • Committee of interest
  • Nominee’s confirmation (separate email is fine) that they are willing to serve
  • Name and department/unit of the faculty member making the nomination (self nominations are most welcome!)
  • Email subject line should contain: “BFA Election Nomination”

Please email your nomination packet(s) to the BFA secretary at by 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Nominees will be notified by email when election results are available. The election results will also be posted on the BFA webpage.