Goose deaths reported on campus

An aerial view of a snow-dusted Main Campus.

In the past week, CU Boulder Facilities Management teams have found dead geese on campus. There have been 17 deceased geese at the pond at 28th and Colorado and two at the pond near the Kittredge residence halls. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the United States Department of Agriculture are tracking and testing for a strain of avian influenza across the state that is most likely affecting the birds. According to CPW, one million chickens have been euthanized in Colorado to stop the spread of the disease. 

The cases found on campus follow the same pattern seen at off-campus sites, where the birds are found near bodies of water—where they congregate—with no wounds or other signs of trauma.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, avian influenza is not commonly transmitted to humans from geese or other birds but carries a high mortality rate in humans if it is a highly pathogenic strain of flu. If you encounter a dead bird or a bird that appears disoriented, do not touch the bird. Also, stay out of all natural bodies of water on campus.

The campus Integrated Pest Management team is following standard protocol by wearing recommended Personal Protection Equipment to collect the animal carcasses, which are then disposed of in a designated containment vessel for disposal to mitigate any potential biohazards. 

If you see dead birds or other animals on campus, or live animals showing abnormal behavior, call the Operations Control Center at 303-492-5522 to report the type of animal (avoiding contact) and provide the exact location. Here are additional safety tips provided by CPW.

If you accidentally come into contact with an animal and would like to talk with a nurse, visit Medical Services or call 303-492-5101.