Paid research opportunity in the Integrative Physiology of Aging Lab

A biological hallmark of aging is “cellular senescence”, which is associated with cardiovascular dysfunction. Compounds called “senolytics” that decrease the number or amount of senescent cells may be effective for improving age-related cardiovascular dysfunction and possibly brain health. 

The Integrative Physiology of Aging Lab at CU Boulder is trying to determine whether intermittent oral supplementation with a natural compound with senolytic properties called fisetin (found in strawberries, onions and cucumbers and available as dietary supplement) will improve blood vessel function, reduce artery stiffness, and improve cognitive function (a measure of brain health) in adults ages 65-plus.

Benefits for volunteers include: cardiovascular health assessment, cognitive function tests, blood tests and compensation for time. 

For more information, please email, or call 303-735-6410.