Scholarships at the Women's Resource Center due Feb. 15

The Women's Resource Center is offering two scholarships for the upcoming 2018–19 school year.

Cleopatra Jaramillo Estrada Activist Legacy Scholarship

This $500 academic annual award is named for Cleo Estrada, who has devoted her life's work to the struggle for social justice for underrepresented communities. Estrada was a farmworker and first-generation student from the San Luis Valley who graduated from the University of Colorado with three degrees and worked as a counselor and student advocate at CU Boulder for 40 years. 

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Dorothy Martin Fund

The Dorothy Martin Fund provides $2,500 to a current, full-time undergraduate or graduate student. These awards will honor those who exemplify the ideals of Dorothy Martin, Professor Emerita, who was a faculty member in the psychology department at CU Boulder for 46 years and was instrumental in establishing the first CU Women’s Center in 1964. Martin’s ideals included activism and awareness concerning women’s issues and gender equity, openness to life and new experiences, and academic excellence. 

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