For parents: Research study for 2- to 7-year-olds

The Children’s Auditory Perception Laboratory is currently recruiting children between 2 and 7 years old for a research study to help us learn more about how children hear.

During the course of this study, your child will sit in a soundproof booth with an examiner and will listen to sounds presented over a loudspeaker or over earphones. To find out what your child can hear, we will teach him/her to make a response to a certain sound signal.

These responses will be play activities like putting a toy in a bucket or adding a block to a tower. We may use a mechanical toy whenever he/she responses to the sound. The signals will be presented in quiet and in various background sounds. The sounds we use are not loud. You will be able to sit inside the booth with your child or watch your child through an observation window.

As part of this study, your child will also receive a middle-ear screening at no cost to you. If at any time we discover any important hearing-related findings, we will report those findings to you and provide you with contact information for a complete hearing evaluation.

Two visits to the laboratory are required. Each visit lasts about one hour. You will receive $10 per hour, and we will pay your parking if you drive to the lab.

If you are interested, please email or call 303-735-6252.

The principal investigator for this research study is Angela Yarnell Bonino, PhD, Department Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. All testing will be completed in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) building on Main Campus.