Sign up for an ECO-Visit, save money

Learn how to save money on your energy bills this winter (and get a free pizza) when you sign up for a free ECO-Visit.

The ECO-Visits program (formerly known as SCORE), is a team of trained students that help off-campus students save money on their bills and be more comfortable in their homes by installing energy upgrades such as LED light bulbs and water-efficient fixtures.

All you have to do is sign up; student technicians will show up and guide you through a discussion of energy and water usage with helpful tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint. If more than half of your roommates are present, we also give you a large Cosmo’s cheese pizza.

Just over the last year, we visited 225 homes with a total of 879 student tenants impacted. We gave away over 1,000 light bulbs and helped students save over a million gallons of water! Thanks to a grant, there’s no catch and everything is 100 percent free!

Sign up for an ECO-Visit today at the link below.