Lecture on ancient pottery, culture of New Mexico

11th century Mimbres ceramic art

Join Steve Lekson Sept. 19 for a free lecture titled "Mimbres at the Museum: Earl, Hugo, Anna and Me" about ancient pottery and culture of New Mexico.

The 11th century Mimbres culture of New Mexico is famous for its ceramic art: black-and-white images of animals and people painted on simple earthenware pots. In 1925, the CU Museum acquired a large collection of Mimbres pottery when Junius Henderson (the first director of the museum) asked archaeologist Earl Morris to excavate Mimbres sites. Steve Lekson (curator of archaeology) has done extensive fieldwork in the Mimbres region and discovered many strange and wonderful things in the CU Museum's collections.

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 7 p.m.
Hale Science, room 270