Dancers needed for research study

The Neural Control of Movement Laboratory, located on Main Campus, is conducting a study that examines the effect of electrical stimulation on improving single-leg balance in experienced dancers. Subjects will be compensated with an electrical stimulation device.

Participant requirements:

  • Dancer between 18–35 years of age with
  • Five or more years of technique-based dance training
  • Healthy and free of neurologic disease

The study will consist of one familiarization, two evaluations and 12 treatment sessions, meeting three times per week for four weeks.

  • First visit: Familiarization session, about 30 minutes
  • Evaluations: Before and after treatment, about 2.5 hours
  • Training history, balance, strength and steadiness
  • Intervention, about 30 minutes per session

If interested, please email Leah Davis at for more information.