Are you interested in earth systems and environmental science careers?


Do you identify as a woman, and are you interested in the earth systems and environmental sciences? The earth systems and environmental sciences include topics such as the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, geology, energy, air quality, climate, water and natural resource management, and natural disaster forecasting. Are you interested in participating in a successful national scale mentorship program?

If so, then we would like to invite you to begin participation in this program with a one-day virtual professional development workshop. The workshop will be held on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.  

The workshop is part of a study to identify ways to support everyone’s interest in earth systems and environmental science careers through the National Science Foundation funded PROGRESS (PROmoting Geoscience Research Education and SuccesS) professional development and mentoring program.

If you are interested in participating in this single-day workshop and being paired with a mentor, please complete a brief online application (< 5 minutes to complete).
As part of the study, we will ask you to complete follow-up surveys about your experiences and interests at a later time (one before and one after the workshop). For questions, please email us at

Please note: Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can withdraw your participation at any time. In addition, the information you provide is treated as confidential; no identifying information will be connected with your answers. Please be also aware that your course instructors and advisors are not involved in this workshop study, and will not know whether you participate or not. Therefore, your decision to participate in the study will have no bearing on your course grades or experiences.