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Colorado Shakespeare Festival: Bard's Book Club is back

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The Bard's Book Club is back! The club will meet once a month, January-May, to discuss each of the five plays in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival 2020 season. Conversations will be guided by CSF staff. Experience the joy of discovering and discussing the characters, language, plot complications and modern interpretations of Shakespeare (and non-Shakespeare) plays with fellow CSF fans. 

Seating is limited, so register today! Ages 18 and up.

Book Club meets monthly on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. in the IBS Building at CU Boulder (1440 15th St).

Jan. 22: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Feb. 19: All's Well That Ends Well
March 18: The Odyssey
April 22: Coriolanus
May 13: Pericles

Service restored after brief email delivery issue on Dec. 30

From 10:09 a.m. to 11:13 a.m. there was an email delivery issue with CU Boulder email (faculty, staff and student accounts). If an email came from an external service (e.g. Salesforce, DocuSign, Slate, etc.) or outside of CU Boulder Office 365 or CU Boulder Gmail systems (e.g. personal accounts, other universities, governmental organizations, etc.) it was not delivered.

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University Hill tree removals scheduled during break

The city of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Forestry Division will perform tree work in the University Hill commercial area during winter break, Dec. 23 to Jan. 10, weather permitting. The University Hill commercial area generally is recognized as the area bordered by Pleasant Street and College Avenue between 13th Street and Broadway.

  • Thirteen ash trees that are heavily infested with emerald ash borer (EAB) will be removed, as they have declined severely in health. The trees are considered dead/dying and pose a risk to public safety. 
  • Five additional trees of various species will be removed as they are dead/dying and pose a risk to public safety.
  • All removals are scheduled between 8 and 11 a.m. No street closures are anticipated, as work zones are small and will be coned and taped off for safety. 
  • A tree replacement plan is being developed by the city’s Community Vitality Department, which maintains the commercial district streetscape in consultation with the city’s Forestry Division. The plan will be presented for consideration to the Boulder City Council-appointed members of the University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission.
  • To meet the city’s urban tree canopy goals and guidelines, the plan will include a mix of tree replacement, landscaping and upgrades to the tree irrigation system to ensure the viability of the new trees. It is anticipated a plan draft will be ready for public review and comment in early 2020. Replanting will likely occur as weather allows in spring or early summer 2020.

Learn more about the city’s EAB Plan. Specific information regarding temporary lane closures or traffic detours is posted the week prior to the City Cone Zones map.

Colorado Shakespeare Festival class: Season Mashup

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Colorado Shakespeare Festival's 2020 season is full of sea voyages, magical potions, mysterious disappearances (fantastical reunions) and other epic adventures.

In this 10-week after-school class for ages 8-12, we will introduce students to four Shakespeare plays from CSF’s upcoming season: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, All’s Well That Ends Well, Coriolanus and Pericles, culminating in a final showing of short scenes on the last day of class. 

Students will learn about Shakespearean verse, build characters and have tons of fun along the way, of course! This class is a fun and engaging way to build language and performance skills, work with other kids as part of a team and connect the ideas and conflicts in Shakespeare's world to our own. Open to students of all experience levels and abilities.

Colorado Shakespeare Festival class: Improvised Shakespeare

Students take curtain call on stage

Is it possible to improvise scenes and plays in the style of Shakespeare? Absolutely! 

In this 10-week after-school class, teens will learn about Shakespearean language, verse and themes while building improvisational skills in order to spontaneously create theater that could have been written by the Bard himself. This class culminates in an informal showing for friends and family on the last day of class. Improvised Shakespeare is a fun and engaging way to develop language and performance skills, build confidence and work with other teens as part of a team. 

Taught by Royce Roeswood, one of the founding members of Makeshift Shakespeare with over 20 years of improvisational theater experience. Open to students of all experience levels and abilities (whether you're new to improv and Shakespeare or have been performing for years).

Faculty and teaching assistants: Exam grading made easy

The Testing and Assessment Center offers exam grading, conveniently located on campus with pick-up and delivery options available.

We are committed to providing fast, accurate and secure exam grading. We guarantee your results within one business day and typically complete orders within two hours of intake.

Standard reports include a grid result, class roster, item analysis and detailed item analysis in Excel format, as well as a histogram and individual test results in PDF format.

Using Canvas? Let us upload the scores for you! After receiving an email notification upon completion, scores will remain hidden/muted from your students until after your review of the results.

Testing and Assessment Center, a division of CU Imaging Services Folsom Stadium, Gate 7, Room 148 (2-6700)

Are you ages 18-45 and healthy?

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Join our research study on light exposure and the body clock.

This study is about how typical artificial indoor lighting versus a simulation of a natural sunset influences the timing of the human body clock. The body clock controls 24-hour patterns of physiology such as sleep and hormone release. This work will have important implications for determining how implementation of new lighting technology can be used to promote sleep.

We are looking for healthy men and women, ages 18-45, to participate in a study lasting approximately 15 days, consisting of wearing an activity tracking watch at home and two laboratory visits of about seven hours each at the CU Boulder Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory.

Compensation up to $200.

For study details, email sleep.study@colorado.edu and ask about the Simulated Sunset study.

Join paid sleep study

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Are you aged 18-35 and healthy?

CU Boulder is seeking participants for a research study investigating how sleep loss affects decision-making and your body’s ability to digest and process the foods you eat.

Participants must be healthy adults, ages 18-35, who normally sleep less than 6.5 hours per night during the school/work week. Participants will complete six laboratory visits at the CU Boulder Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory and six weeks of at-home sleep monitoring. Four of the visits will last between 0.5-2.5 hours, and two of the visits will last about one day.

Compensation up to $750.

Get study details: https://redcap.ucdenver.edu/surveys/?s=3PHMAJRHMP

For questions email the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at sleep.study@colorado.edu

For parents: Cognitive Development Center offers fun research projects for kids

The Cognitive Development Center in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is looking for children ages birth to 13 years old who are interested in playing games that will help teach us about self-control, language and cognitive strategies.

A visit, scheduled at your convenience, lasts about 60 minutes. Babysitting is available for siblings. Parents are compensated for travel, and kids receive a fun prize.

To sign up, please do one of the following:

Visit our website. https://www.colorado.edu/cognitivedevelopment/help-us-explore-cognitive… Email cogdevctr@colorado.edu with your child’s name, gender, date of birth and parent contact information (address, phone number, email address). Call us at 303-492-6389.

For more information, feel free to check out our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CognitiveDevelopmentCenter/) and website (http://www.colorado.edu/cognitivedevelopment/).

Textbook rental check-in, sellback at the CU Book Store

Don’t forgot to return your textbook rentals to the CU Book Store before you leave for winter break! 

Textbooks rented for fall 2019 are due by 6 p.m. on Dec. 20. If you purchased your books and want to sell them back, the CU Book Store will be buying textbooks Dec. 14–20 at the store in the UMC and locations throughout campus. 

See website for hours and locations.

Human Resources closing early Dec. 13

The Department of Human Resources is closing at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 13, for a staff appreciation event. Human Resources includes:

  • Compensation & Position Management
  • Diversity & Inclusive Excellence
  • Employee Relations
  • Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
  • HR Operations (Records, I-9 Office, Employment Verification)
  • HR Service Center
  • Organization & Employee Development
  • Talent Acquisition

This closure includes the offices located on East Campus and the I-9 office located in Regent 1B-29. We will reopen and respond promptly to voicemail and email messages on Monday, Dec. 16. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Apply for Responsible Computing Fellows program

We invite undergraduate students from across campus to apply for the Responsible Computing Fellows program for spring 2020. Students who have existing interest or curiosity about ethics in computing and who are enrolled in a computing-related course in any discipline in the spring 2020 semester are encouraged to apply.

Weekly meetings (not a class you must register for) will involve seminar-style discussions that connect current events and ethical issues to the content of computing classes at CU and will also engage the broader community with guest speakers and open events.

In addition to the title of Responsible Computing Fellow (a great résumé line for potential employers), students will receive a $500 fellowship for their participation in the program over the course of the semester.

Selection criteria will focus on interest, enthusiasm and ensuring a diversity of students who represent different backgrounds and relationships to computing. 

Join paid study on bipolar disorder or depression

Have a history of bipolar disorder or depression? Interested in your moods and brain? Want a picture of your brain? Participate in a paid study to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others here on campus in the CU Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (IRB#17-0358).

Study includes some or all of the following parts:

  • Visit(s) 1 & 1.5 – behavioral lab tasks: Interview about thoughts and feelings, physiological monitoring (heart rate), computer tasks, questionnaires (2–3 hours each at $20/hour)
  • Visit 2 – fMRI scan: View videos and pictures and think about emotions while in a brain imaging scanner; computer tasks; questionnaires (2 hours at $25/hour and picture of your brain)
  • Opportunities to participate in paid follow-up surveys may also be available

To qualify, you must be between the ages of 18 and 55 years old.

Please fill out a brief survey to apply.

Have a question? Please email gruberpeplab@colorado.edu with the subject line “MASC Emotion Study” or give us a call at 303-735-7547.