Get credit abroad with CU faculty this summer

The world awaits! Get credit abroad with CU faculty over three to six weeks this summer. The deadline to apply has been extended to Feb. 1. (All students with financial need will receive a Buffs Abroad Scholarship.)

Underground Paris (FREN 3450)

Paris, France | May 15–June 3
Learn about the figurative "underground" of Paris' forgotten/hidden history while exploring its physical underground of catacombs, jazz caves and metro. Delve into contemporary uses of memory and memory politics.

Exploring Ancient Mexican Peoples & Ruins (ANTH 4300)

Oaxaca, Mexico | May 15–30
Explore the history of Mexico prior to colonization by visiting ancient archaeological sites, including ongoing excavation of a 1,200-year-old city. Discover the diverse cultures of the Zapotec, Mixtec and Chatino peoples.

Filmmaking Abroad: Acting & Directing (THTR/CINE 3020)

Edinburgh, Scotland | May 21–June 10
You’ll get hands-on experience with all aspects of a film shoot on location. Learn from professional filmmakers and visit film-specific sights in a city with a very vibrant arts community.

Culture, History & Literature (SPAN 3260, SPAN 3290)

Rosario & Buenos Aires, Argentina | May 27–July 1
Study in part of the Mercosur, one of the most important emerging economic markets. Live with a host family that is only Spanish-speaking to enhance your language skills, and enjoy tango and cooking classes.

Voices of Vienna (ENES 3720)

Vienna, Austria | May 30–June 14
Attend the opera, tour palaces, visit Freud’s favorite coffee shop, and retrace Beethoven’s footsteps. Learn about the region’s history by visiting Mauthausen Concentration Camp and seeing the spectacular Melk Abbey.

Sex, Religion & Politics in a Modern Viking World (SCAN 3101)

Oslo & Bergen, Norway | May 31–June 15
Explore Norwegian culture and history through museums, concerts and castles. Experience stunning geography in a cross-country train ride and participate in the famous Bergen International Festival.

The Athlete as a National Symbol (ETHN 3704)

Athens, Greece | June 3–25
Examine sports and the role of the athlete in the birthplace of the Olympic games. Activities range from guided tours of Athens' most famous spots to an optional surfing class and excursions to Naxos and Santorini.

Writing in Ireland (WRTG 3020)

Dublin, Ireland | June 5–23
Use archival research, personal journaling and ethnographic research to build your own “Irish Odyssey” digital story. You'll explore both Dublin and the Irish countryside, including taking part in the exciting Bloomsday Festival.

Literary London: Shakespeare On-Site (ENGL 3300)

London, England | June 5–27
Study the world’s greatest playwright in one of the world’s greatest cities. See four live Shakespeare plays at the Globe Theatre and other locations, and visit Stratford-upon-Avon and Hampton Court Palace.

Primates of Vietnam (ANTH 3770)

Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien, Da Nang, Vietnam | June 7–28
Experience biodiversity up close by exploring the flora and fauna of national parks. Meet Vietnamese researchers and students who work in conservation organizations, and enjoy Vietnam’s world famous street food and coffee culture.

Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania (ANTH 4020)

Arusha, Tanzania | June 9–25
Explore remote conservation areas around the Serengeti as well as coastal communities. Study political ecology and development while living amongst indigenous groups such as the Maasai and Hadzabe people.

The following four programs offer an automatic $500 scholarship in addition to Buffs Abroad need awards!

Urban Geography, Society & Culture (GEOG 3842)

Prague, Czech Republic | May 15–June 2
Examine the impact of history, migration, gender, race and sexuality on the urban landscape of contemporary Prague. Explore castles, picturesque Czech towns, and visit the world's oldest functioning glass factory.

Lisbon as a Global City: Cosmopolitanism, Diversity & Innovation (PORT 3170)

Lisbon, Portugal | June 1–30
Experience different backgrounds in order to promote social awareness and inclusiveness. Complete your Global Diversity requirement while exploring the differing neighborhoods of a multicultural city.

Exploring Social Justice through Teaching English (LING 4640)

Yerevan, Armenia | June 11–July 1
Explore one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, with close proximity to stunning monasteries, great hiking, temples, lakes and Dilijan National Park. Interact with English language learners during practicum in an Armenian classroom with local teachers.

Expeditions & Adventure in Ecuador (LAMS 3000)

Quito, Ecuador | July 16–30
Retrace the expeditions of La Condamine, Humboldt and Darwin from a cultural perspective. Visit iconic places around the country like the Galapagos Islands to learn about Ecuador's scientific and cultural richness.

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