Spring 2024 history courses available

Looking for the right course to complete your fall schedule? Consider a history course.

Haven't found just the right course to complete your spring 2024 schedule? The History Department has several interesting courses still available, many of which fulfill gen ed, diversity, major or elective credits. Below are some of our open courses:

  • HIST1012-100 Empire, Revolution, and Global War: European History Since 1600 (Hutchinson)
  • HIST1015- 001 American History to 1865 (Detch)
  • HIST1025-100 American History since 1865 (Andrews)
  • HIST1113-001 Introduction to British History to 1660 (Hammer)
  • HIST1618-001 Introduction to Chinese History to 1644 (Kim)
  • HIST2015-001 Themes in Early American History (Detch)
  • HIST2110-001 History of Early Modern Societies (Paradis)
  • HIST4133-001 The Tudors: British History 1485–1603 (Hammer)
  • HIST4212-001 The Age of Religious Wars: Reformation Europe,1500–1648 (Gerber)
  • HIST4511-001 Europe in the Dark Ages (400–1000 A.D.) (Upton)
  • HIST4658-001 China and Islam from the 7th Century to the 20th Century (Kim)
  • HIST4830-001 Human Trafficking in Global Perspective (Lovejoy)

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