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Faculty: Participate in a research questionnaire on faculty perceptions of global warming, public health

CU Boulder is part of a random sample of colleges chosen to participate in the University Faculty Perceptions of Global Warming and Public Health Questionnaire, facilitated by researchers at the University of Florida and Bucknell University. 

You are invited to complete a brief questionnaire about your attitudes toward global warming and public health issues. A goal of this questionnaire is to determine how faculty me​mbers perceive global warming, its effect(s) on their work and the effect of global warming on public health issues.

The questionnaire is short and should take about 15–20 minutes to complete. Begin the survey.

NSF AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming seeking study participants

We are recruiting participants for a research study who are native English speakers, are over the age of 18, and who are students, staff or faculty at CU Boulder. 

These studies take place at the Center for Innovation and Technology, Room 184G. In this type of study we investigate collaborative problem solving in science, technology, engineering and mathematics domains. In the study you will be working with other participants on a series of group problem solving tasks.

During the study we’ll be using cameras and microphones to record the interactions you and your group have with one another and with the tasks at hand. We’ll also use eye tracking to measure your gaze patterns during the experiment. Collecting video and audio data of you and your group’s interactions is mandatory for this study. If you do not want to be recorded with video and microphone, you may decide not to participate in this study at any time.  

These studies last 2.5 hours each, and the pay is $15 per hour ($37.50 total). You cannot earn course credit through this study.

Schedule an appointment online. To get directions to our lab, or for more information, please email isat.aicl@gmail.com.

Interested in expanding your network in earth and environmental sciences?

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Are you interested in the earth and environmental sciences? 
Are you an undergraduate student who identifies as a woman?
Are you interested in participating in a successful national scale mentorship program? 
The program offers students the opportunity to meet peers from regional universities with similar interests, learn more about careers in earth and environmental sciences and expand their professional networks. 

Complete this five-minute online application to get involved: https://progress.colostate.edu/workshop_signup/
What you will receive:

  • A large network of peers and professionals in your local region
  • A professional development workshop on:
    • Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, in Colorado/Wyoming
    • Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021, in the Carolinas

This is a unique opportunity that will not be offered again until 2023. Your professors are not involved. Your participation will have no bearing on your course grade or credit. Your application will be confidential. 

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation (award numbers: 2013318, 2013333, 2013323, 2013312, 2013326). 
For questions, please contact us at progressgeoscience@gmail.com. 

Join study on social anxiety

Hello world

We are seeking socially anxious individuals to participate in a study of factors that contribute to social anxiety, as well as the impact of expressive writing about social anxiety-provoking experiences. The study includes a 1½–2 hour initial visit (completed in-person or online) and a 30-minute follow-up survey (completed online).

You will be paid up to $45 for your time, with payments made in Amazon or Visa gift cards.

You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are socially anxious

See if you qualify by completing a brief, anonymous screening survey, or email margaret.tobias@colorado.edu for more information.

This research study has been approved by the CU Boulder Institutional Review Board (Protocol #20-0370).

Join our candlelight research study

illustration of a candle stick

Join our candlelight research study: At Home Circadian Rhythm Assessment.

The purpose of the study is to examine circadian rhythms in the home environment under typical home lighting conditions versus under candlelight conditions after sunset. This work will have important implications for the development of strategies to measure circadian rhythms outside of the laboratory and how evening light exposure influences circadian timing.

We are looking for men and women, ages 18-65, to participate in an at-home monitoring research study that lasts approximately one week, with a total of two short visits at the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at CU Boulder. 

Compensation up to $250.

Get more study details and information on how to apply.

If you have any other questions, please email sleep.study@colorado.edu and ask about the candlelight study.

Earn money, contribute to science and get a picture of your brain!

The Intermountain Neuorimaging Consortium (INC) is a brain imaging research facility in the Institute of Cognitive Science at CU Boulder. We use MRI scans to study how the brain works and how the brain changes across the lifespan. We currently have six to seven studies that are looking for participants from a range of ages across the Denver metro area.

If you have always wanted to see what your brain looks like or would simply like to contribute to neuroscience research in Colorado, please see our website for more details on specific studies that are currently recruiting participants.

Research study: Light at night and pupil size in children and adolescents

The CU Boulder Sleep and Development Lab is looking for participants for a research study to learn about how light exposure in the evening affects pupil size in children and adolescents. We need children ages 8-9.9 or 15-16.9 years who are healthy and have no sleep problems for a 6-day study, requiring one short visit to our lab (approximately 2 hours). Families will be compensated for participating.

For more information, contact the Sleep and Development Laboratory at sleepdev@colorado.edu or visit our website.

Cardiovascular research study volunteers needed

The Integrative Physiology of Aging Lab is looking for volunteers to study the potential health effects of a new type of breathing exercise (a time efficient type of exercise) on blood pressure, vascular function and cognitive function.


  • Aged 50-plus years
  • Higher blood pressure (systolic BP 120-160 mmHg)
  • Willing to exercise up to 25 minutes per day, six days per week for a three-month period

Benefits include:

  • Detailed blood panel (cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
  • Physician-monitored exercise stress test
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Bone mineral density test
  • Monetary compensation for time

If interested, email IMSTstudy@colorado.edu or call 303-492-2485.

Participate in an effort and movement learning study

The Neuromechanics Lab is looking for volunteers for a study on learning and effort in a reaching task. We are interested in how the effort involved in a movement impacts how you learn in a new environment. The task involves using a robotic handle to guide a cursor to a series of targets.

You must:

  • Be English-speaking
  • Be 18–35 years old
  • Have normal or corrected vision
  • Have no movement control problems
  • Have had no recent orthopedic surgeries or broken bones

The study will involve 1.5 hours of testing in our campus laboratory (1B21 ECSL, 1111 Engineering Drive, Boulder, CO 80309). Subjects will be compensated with a $15 Amazon gift card.

Contact Rachel Marbaker with questions at rachel.marbaker@colorado.edu or 719-373-1748.

Participate in the Mindful Campus Program

We are seeking current CU undergraduates to participate in a research study investigating the Mindful Campus Program, an 8-week course designed to promote mindfulness, compassion and community engagement. 

You can earn up to $125–$130 by participating in this study.

Participants will be invited to attend eight 90-minute Zoom sessions, complete surveys at three time points, and participate in focus groups to give feedback on the Mindful Campus Program. You must be 18 years old or older to participate. The IRB protocol number for this study is 21-0001.

By participating in this research, you will not only have the opportunity to learn and practice in a community setting, but also you may contribute to the creation of programs and policies to support undergraduate wellness and CU Boulder. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning about sections of the Mindful Campus course, specifically for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ students. 

Please send an email to mindfulcampus@colorado.edu if you’re interested in learning more or complete the interest form.

Research team hiring undergraduate peer facilitators for eating disorder prevention program

Are you looking for research experience? Apply by Sept. 12 to facilitate weekly discussions about body image with high school students.

The mind. body. voice. program works to address and resist pressures about how girls and women should appear. We learn to connect and listen to our bodies. We use discussion, reflection and actions to support students' own definitions of health. We are building a community where we can be seen and valued for who we are and not what we look like.

Compensation is available for a commitment of about 8-10 hours/week for fall and spring semester.

Participate in research investigating how training lower body muscles affects balance

Neurophysiology of Movement Lab

The Neurophysiology of Movement Lab is looking for participants 60-plus-years-old to train lower-body muscles and test changes in standing balance.

Participation involves 11 visits (two 2-hour sessions, nine 40-minute sessions) over 3-5 weeks. After their final session, participants will receive $150. Volunteers should be free of any walking impairments and be able to stand independently.

If interested, please contact Joey Carzoli at joseph.carzoli@colorado.edu or 904-477-8678.

Join research study on the effects of a prebiotic supplement

Are you ages 18–35 and work two-plus consecutive morning shifts with a regular work start time between 4 and 7 a.m.? 

Join our research study on the effects of a prebiotic supplement.

This study is about how early-morning work shifts change molecules in your blood, including your blood sugar levels, and alter the bacteria that live in your gut that typically help keep you healthy. As part of a larger research study, we are testing how a prebiotic diet alters how you and the bacteria living in your gut respond to you working early morning shifts.

We are looking for healthy men and women, ages 18–35, to participate in a research study that lasts approximately five weeks, with a total of eight visits at CU Boulder.

Compensation up to $400.

Get more study details and information on how to apply.

If you have any other questions, please email sleep.study@colorado.edu and ask about the Morning Shift Work Microbiome study.

Seeking subjects for study investigating improvements in manual dexterity

The Neurophysiology of Human Movement Lab is looking for healthy adults ages 60–89 years to participate in a research study investigating the effects of manual dexterity training on the health of the neuromuscular system. 

The study involves nine separate visits to our lab (one visit: 30 minutes, two visits: 2 hours each, six visits: 1 hour each) over three weeks total on the CU Boulder Main Campus, for which subjects will be paid $120.  

If interested, please call 402-310-7298 or email taylor.tvrdy@colorado.edu and reference the manual dexterity study.

Join a paid research study on CBD and mood health

Hello world

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab is conducting research on the effects of CBD on mood and behavior. We are recruiting young adults ages 18 to 30. 

One group we recruit will include people who are experiencing depression. The other group will consist of people who have never had any diagnosed mental disorder. 

The study includes a few different parts: 

  • You will answer short twice-daily surveys for 6 weeks on your mobile device.
  • You will complete three in-person research visits, each including an interview about life experiences, a set of computer games, a blood draw and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan. 
  • You will select and use a CBD product for up to 6 weeks.

The study takes place over the course of 6 weeks, and you will be compensated for your participation (maximum of $863–$1,038 for completing all parts of the study). 

If you want to learn more, contact the RADD Lab at raddlab@colorado.edu or fill out our initial eligibility screening.