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Fun research projects for kids

Junior Scientists

The Cognitive Development Center in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is looking for children age birth to 12 years old who are interested in playing games that will help teach us about self-control, language and cognitive strategies.

A visit, scheduled at your convenience, lasts about 60 minutes. Babysitting is available for siblings. Parents are compensated for travel, and kids receive a fun prize.

For more information or to sign up, see our information below or call us at 303-492-6389.

Reminder: WWWLegacy websites unavailable July 8

The campus WWWLegacy service will be moved to new storage on Saturday, July 8, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Websites on the legacy server (these are websites built as HTML sites or using a CGI script) will be unavailable for approximately 90 minutes starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, however, a four-hour maintenance window has been reserved in the event that a longer outage is necessary.

This work does not impact sites on the Web Express platform. Web Express websites are on a different server and will not have any scheduled downtime during this timeframe.

Seeking participants for paid study on mind-body treatment for chronic pain

Illustration of back pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain you may be eligible to participate in a paid research study on the benefits of a novel mind-body treatment for chronic pain. The research study consists of two MRI scan sessions four to six weeks apart on the CU Boulder campus, before and after treatment. Participants will be compensated $225.

MRI is safe and non-invasive technology for measuring brain function, and participants will be given a photo of their brain to take home. The treatment will be administered at the Interventional Pain Management clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital at the Anschutz Denver metro campus.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age 21–70
  • Back pain for the last three months or more
  • No metal in the body (for MRI safety)
  • No opioid use for more than four weeks in the past two years; opioids include common prescription painkillers like oxycodone (Percocet), hydrocodone (Vicodin) and meperidine
  • Not pregnant due to unclear effects of MRI on a fetus

If you are interested, please email canlab@colorado.edu or call 303-492-4299.

Learn calendaring best practices with OIT's new guide

Microsoft calendaring on Mac laptop

If you schedule numerous meetings with numerous attendees, have delegated access for creating or editing meetings, or create or edit meetings from a mobile device, then the new "Exchange Online Calendaring Best Practices" guide developed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is highly recommended reading.

The best practices include recommendations for creating and editing meetings, responding to meeting requests, scheduling resources, recurring meetings, delegated calendaring and more.

Read the calendaring best practices guide online now.

Apply for spring 2018 study abroad by July 21 for chance to win $500

Scuba diver

Any student who opens a spring 2018 CU Boulder study abroad application by Friday, July 21, will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $500 scholarships!

Not on campus over summer break but still want a chance to win? That’s OK! You can complete Study Abroad 101 online and receive advising from study abroad advisors via live chat, email (abroad@colorado.edu) or phone! Visit our website for more information on how to get started.

The winner will receive funds once they are accepted and committed to their study abroad program.

Seeking adults with hearing loss for research study on sound perception

Illustration of sound waves entering the ear

The University of Colorado Hearing Research Laboratory is seeking adults with hearing loss to participate in a study on sound perception. The study investigates the perception of sound processed through hearing aids.

Testing will take place on the CU Boulder campus. Listeners will be compensated for their time. For more information, email hearlab@colorado.edu or call 303-492-0067.

Earn $65 when you participate in psychology study

Illustration of two brains communicating

This is a five-hour study broken up into two sessions (two and a half hours each). Compensation is $10 per hour plus a $15 dollar bonus upon completion of the second part ($65 total).

In the first session you would be wearing a cap with sensors that record the electrical activity on your scalp (EEG) while you read sentences and answer questions on a computer screen. In the second session, you would be doing various tasks on a computer (without the EEG cap).

The requirements for participating in the study are that you are: right-handed, university student or recent graduate, native English speaker (English primary language from age 5 to present), age 18-35, not taking psychiatric medications and have normal or corrected-to-normal vision.

Our lab is located north of East Campus at the Center for Innovation and Creativity (CINC), 1777 Exposition Drive, Boulder, CO 80301. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for this experiment, please email kimerplab@gmail.com

Psychology study seeking participants, paying $10 an hour

The Social Neuroscience and Games Lab (SNaG) is seeking individuals between the ages of 18 to 35 to participate as behavioral subjects in a study for one to two hours.

Participants will play several games with other individuals for money and complete a series of questionnaires. Participants will be paid $10 an hour for participating and will have the opportunity to earn bonus money for their performance in the games.

For more information or to sign up for a session, please email cu.snaglab.968@gmail.com with your name and age.

Reminder for for monthly employees: June's payday is July 3

University of Colorado employees who are paid monthly will receive their June paycheck on Monday, July 3. There is no change for employees who are paid biweekly.

The shift from CU's normal monthly payroll, completed at month's end, stems from a 12-year-old state directive, which delays all monthly paid state employees' June pay to the first business day in July. Monthly employees will be paid on the last day of July for the July pay cycle, as usual.

Why does June's pay day fall on the first business day in July?

In 2003, Governor Bill Owens signed into law Colorado Senate Bill 03-197, which eliminated one of the state's 12 monthly pay cycles and delayed all monthly paid state employees' June pay to the first business day in July.

See all 2017 paydays.

Faculty, Staff: Have you received a Fulbright award for the upcoming academic year?

Are you a faculty or staff member who's received a Fulbright award to begin in 2017–18? Please let us know about it for our annual CU Boulder Today announcement. Historically, CU Boulder faculty and staff members each year have received a variety of awards, including from Fulbright's scholar and seminar programs, and we like to share the good news with campus.

Please contact Deputy Editor Elizabeth Lock via the submit-a-story form

Summer bus pass suspension for students

Students load RTD bus

The RTD CollegePass transit pass is suspended until Aug. 1, 2017, for students who are not enrolled in summer terms, but are returning for the fall semester. To keep their pass working over the summer, affected students can visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C or call 303-492-0355 and purchase an “optional summer transit pass” for $85. Once the pass is purchased it will take 24-72 hours for bus and train card readers to recognize the status update. The optional pass program is also available for residents of family housing.

For those who are enrolled and paying mandatory fees for a summer term(s), no further action needs to be taken to keep their passes active.

Please email buspass@colorado.edu for further information or questions.