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Goldwater Scholarship information session

Students interested in a career in math, natural sciences or engineering are invited to apply for the Goldwater Scholarship, which awards up to $7,500 toward undergraduate tuition and other educational expenses. 

Students must be current sophomores or juniors and may be eligible if they have an excellent academic record and demonstrated research experience. For more information and advice on the application process, attend the information meeting:

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 4 p.m.
Norlin S-421

Truman Scholarship information session

Are you planning to pursue a career in public service? Think about applying to the Truman Scholarship to help fund your graduate studies and have mentoring and networking opportunities too. 

The Truman foundation is seeking juniors with exceptional leadership potential committed to careers in government, the nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education or other public service. This prestigious scholarship provides leadership training, mentorship and up to $30,000 for graduate study. 

Sophomores and juniors: Come hear how to improve your chances at the upcoming info session.

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 3:30 p.m.
Norlin S-421

For parents: Cognitive Development Center offers fun research projects for kids

The Cognitive Development Center in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is looking for children age birth to 13 years old who are interested in playing games that will help teach us about self-control, language and cognitive strategies. 

A visit, scheduled at your convenience, lasts about 60 minutes. Babysitting is available for siblings. Parents are compensated for travel, and kids receive a fun prize.

To sign up, please:

  • Visit our website.
  • Email cogdevctr@colorado.edu with your child’s name, gender, date of birth, and parent contact information (address, phone number, email address).
  • Call us at 303-492-6389.

For more information, feel free to check out our Facebook page and website

Programming with Python registration opens

Registration is now open for Research Computing's eight-week-long course, Programming with Python. Sessions will be held both in person at Norlin Library, Room E206, and via Zoom.

Those interested should sign up for one of two sessions (but not both):

Session one

The first session starts Sept. 24 and runs Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11 a.m.

This workshop series provides an introduction into the world of Python and its various tools for researchers. Topics for this course include: variables, lists, loops, functions, modules and a variety of useful packages like NumPy or Matplotlib. 

The course is not an introduction to programming, so attendees are expected to have a base level of knowledge on at least one other programming language.

Those interested may sign up to attend this session in-person, or online.

Session two

The second session starts Sept. 25 and runs Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

This workshop series provides a research-oriented introduction to programming in Python. During the first half of the course, we will discuss how to implement fundamental programming constructs, such as lists, loops, functions, and classes, within the Python language. We will then focus on environment management, efficiency considerations, I/O, and plotting with Python.

Please note this brief overview is not intended as a first introduction to programming. Attendees are expected to have beginner-level familiarity with least one other programming language.

Those interested may sign up to attend this session in-person, or online.

For questions, email rc-help@colorado.edu.

Paid study on bipolar disorder

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder? Interested in your moods and brain? Want a picture of your brain? Participate in a paid study to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others here on campus in the CU Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (IRB#17-0358).

Study includes some or all of the following parts:

  • Visit(s) 1 and 1.5 – Behavioral lab tasks: Interview about thoughts and feelings, physiological monitoring (heart rate), computer tasks, questionnaires (2–3 hours each at $20 per hour)
  • Visit 2 – fMRI scan: View videos and pictures and think about emotions while in a brain imaging scanner, computer tasks, questionnaires (2 hours at $25 per hour and picture of your brain)
  • Opportunities to participate in paid follow-up surveys may also be available.

To qualify, you must be between the ages of 18 and 55 years old.

Please fill out a brief survey to apply.

Have a question? Email gruberpeplab@colorado.edu with the subject line “MASC Bipolar Study,” or give us a call at 303-735-7547. 

Join paid sleep study

CU Boulder campus

Are you ages 18-45 and healthy?

This study is about how artificial indoor lighting influences the timing of the human body clock compared to an indoor simulation of a natural sunset. This work will have important implications for determining how new lighting technology can be used to promote sleep.

Looking for participation in a study lasting 15 days consisting of wearing an activity tracking watch at home and two laboratory visits of about seven hours each at the CU Boulder Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory. Compensation up to $200.

For study details, email sleep.study@colorado.edu and ask about the Simulated Sunset study.

Grad students, recent PhDs: Apply for Weekends with the Accomplished

Become a leader in this exciting trend of expanding the opportunities to engage wider audiences in historical reflection!

The Weekends with the Accomplished will provide an opportunity for participants to work with Patty Limerick and other accomplished practitioners of applied history.

Our first weekend will be Nov. 15–17 with Char Miller, director of environmental analysis, the W.M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis and History, and chair of sociology at Pomona College in Claremont, California.

Applications are open to area graduate students and recent PhDs who want an opportunity to acquire new skills specific to their area and topics of study.
Participants will receive:

  • Mentoring and guidance by Patty Limerick and Char Miller
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Goal-setting sessions
  • Networking opportunities with both academics and non-academics
  • Preferred consideration for the Summer Workshop
  • A chance to build community with other aspiring applied historians
  • Certificate of participation

Apply today! Accepting applications through Nov. 1. Note: Each weekend will have its own application process. You may apply for more than one weekend.

Programs in Applied History with Patty Limerick

The Center of the American West at CU Boulder with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is implementing an applied history training program tying historical understanding to real-world solutions for modern problems.

Through a series of courses, projects, networking events and summer programs, graduate students, postdoctoral students and faculty will combine their historical knowledge with practical skills. Under the guidance of mentors, participants will craft responses to recurring issues in the West.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program workshop

Learn the critical steps and deadlines for applying for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Workshop speakers include faculty who have served as GRFP proposal reviewers at NSF and recent GRFP winners. 

Note, the GRFP application deadlines start at the third week of October and extend over the next few days depending on the discipline. For additional questions about the NSF GRFP, talk to your advisor or contact NSF at 866-673-4737 or info@nsfgrfp.org.

If you go

Thursday, Sept. 26
10–11:30 a.m.
Old Main Chapel

Participants needed for NSF-funded relationship study

CU Boulder is participating in a multi-campus, National Science Foundation-funded study on student relationship experiences. Faculty, staff and students are invited to participate by completing a brief survey. Share your thoughts and experiences for the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

The Student Health Adjustment and Relationship Experiences (SHARE) Study aims to evaluate campus community members’ perceptions of campus climate, including the health and wellness of students. Please encourage your colleagues at CU Boulder to take the survey, but do not share the link with individuals outside of your university!


Please click here to participate in the initial survey. It should take under 30 minutes to complete. Please note, once you click on the survey link, it will only be available for 24 hours.

Faculty and staff

Campus leaders like you play a critical role in shaping these aspects of your campus community, and your perspective on campus climate is critical to this project. You must be a currently employed faculty, staff or administrator at CU Boulder and over the age of 18 to participate. 

Please click here to participate in the initial survey. It should take under 30 minutes to complete. Please note, once you click on the survey link, it will only be available for 24 hours.

Learn more

This project (ECU UMCIRB 18-002737) is sponsored by researchers at East Carolina University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in conjunction with leadership at the Center for Inclusion and Social Change at CU Boulder.

If you have any questions about this research study or would like to speak with someone before participating, please contact the SHARE Study project team at sharestudy@ecu.edu.

Hiring student Buff Bus drivers

Are you a CU Boulder student? Love driving? CU Boulder’s Transportation Services department is now hiring student bus drivers. 

No prior bus driving experience is necessary; all training is provided. Student drivers must be currently enrolled as CU Boulder students with a minimum of six credits per semester. Buff Bus drivers must be 18 years old or older.

Learn more.

Paid survey study on CU college experiences, mental health

Did you know one out of three college students experience significant emotional difficulties?

We want to understand your experience as a first-year student at CU. Earn $20 by completing an online survey sharing your own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

This research is being conducted by researchers in the CU Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (IRB#18-0483) and is conducted as part of a partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Education, the University Exploration and Advising Center, the Center for STEM Learning and the Office of Data Analytics. Additional opportunities to participate in paid research may be available.

To qualify, you must be a freshman at CU between the ages of 18-25 and fluent in English.

Please contact gruberpeplab@colorado.edu with the subject line “EMERGE Study,” and we will send you a survey link to complete at your convenience.

Where do you go if you need printing services or copies made?

Check out CU Imaging Services, located at the Print Shop (2-2679), Stadium, Gate 11, Room 280, and the Ink Spot (2-7878), UMC, first floor (next to Celestial Seasonings).

They provide a variety of services:

  • Offers high quality, full service printing
  • Supports and strongly encourages the use of recycled and recyclable paper products
  • Provides campus with sustainable services, staffed with print professionals
  • Supports campus revenue, retention, collaboration and reputation
  • Price matches, when you bring in a local competitor’s quote
  • Accepts SpeedTypes and procurement cards in addition to cash, check and personal credit cards